Still lifes | sold
Morning light
Still life with roses
Composition with Cosmea
Composition with red
Rose in Ginger Jar
Flowers in blue room
Blue room
Walk of live 1
Back in the days
Afternoon light
Color Accent
Still life with wood
Ginger Jar
Still life with strawberries and lemon
Summer 2017
At the table
Spring breakfast
Summer evening
Cilento Lemon
Sill life with blue
Still life with nectarine
In the summer house
Still life with tomatoes
Still life with flagon
White table
Ginger jar and apple
strawberries and thea tin
Lemons and pewter flagon
Summer 2015
Run Rabitt Run
The full (still) life
Lilac table
Lemon and blue
Rusk with strawberries
Still life with pareo
All ages
A nod to Thijn
Together strong
The great entry
Oranges and wajang doll
Still life with strawberries
Classic still life
Chinese touch # 2
Little red ginger jar
Shell and music box I
Strawberries and Vermeer Girl
Colourful past
Two roosters
Ginger jar and strawberries
His Masters Voice
Collection in blue
still life with tin (with frame)
Still life with walnuts
Still life with Vermeer
Shell and music box II
In the summer shed
Still life with tiny cows
Exotic still life
Strawberries and rooster
Cherry season
Composition with tea
Composition with green
Three beauties
Peppery and expectant
Cream jug
Composition with bowl of eggs
Secretaire full of secrets
Magic cupboard
Rooster and biscuit tin
Still life with mask
Cheerful ginger jar
Chinese touch
Message in a bottle
Bowl of strawberries with old tin
Summer still life
Still-life with radishes
Freedom of conscience
Red coffee grinder
From two cultures
The chicken or the egg
The great exodus
Parade in time
Still life with apple
Full speed ahead
Wajang doll with fruit dish
Still life with oil-can