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Short surrealistic film by Herman Tulp made for the song Hekate from Clemens Krijger's cd: ' Dream Chaser '.

Studio 2020 

Geke Hankel artist's model 

Online November 18th 2013. Film and music: Herman Tulp

Svetlana Scholtmeijer-Tartakovska 

Jan Steen ! kijkdozenkijk ! 

Diederik Kraaijpoel talks. 

René Jansen 

Jan Dits 

Jazz drummer and painter from Groningen, The Netherlands.

Herman Tulp, artist. 2006 

Rosa Everts (26) Dutch artist 

Helmfried, film by Herman Tulp 2018 

'Wachten' Linde Nijland 

Kees Thijn artist 

Citroën DS 

Translation: Voice-over : 'My father had a whole series of DSs. As a child I thought it was a wonderful car, with its smooth suspension, and I loved 'whizzing' along the motorway in it. Peter Buiter, a well-known photographer from Finsterwolde and a childhood friend of mine, has one of those magnificent Citroëns too. Recently, he made a day-trip to Groningen in it.' Peter Buiter: 'The DS is a marvellous car to drive. It's comfortable, has good suspension and the views are excellent due to all the glass. The beauty of driving a DS is that you somehow recapture the feeling of the sixties. In the old days, the dignitaries drove around in this car… and now Tom, Dick and Harry can afford one too.' Voice-over: 'To this day, I find the DS surprisingly futuristic. More futuristic, in fact, than our present-day car, our modern 2008 car.' Peter Buiter: 'The wonderful thing about the DS is of course its timeless design, the interplay of lines and the whole structure of the bodywork… In the fifties it was already a futuristic car… and it really still is today.' Peter Buiter: 'See you!!'

Thijs Jansen 

Frank Straatman 

Dutch artist Frank Straatman 2012

Maart 2010. Tom S. Hageman (directeur en docent van de Academie) biedt een kijkje in de imposante Glyptotheek ( = verzameling afgietsels in gips van befaamde beeldhouwwerken om na te tekenen als oefening voor het tekenen van de menselijke vorm) van de Academie. Tevens geeft Tom S. Hageman ( als invaller van Asaf ben Menahem, die deze lessen normaliter geeft) les in model-schilderen aan leerlingen van het 2e jaar. Thema is: grote modelstudies; het vinden van de grondvormen, met als context de ruimtelijke compositie.

Classical Academy Groningen 

Jantien de Boer 

Xandra Donders Masterclass 

Jan Mankes'at Møhlmann 

Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam, Netherlands. An exhibition about the life and times of the Dutch master-painter Jan Mankes.

Fast 'n bulbous / Grey skies over Holland 

"Halloween Halloweak hallowidow hallo friendly winged wide-eyed sleepers in night dust heavy conversations all night nitwits, netwatts, whatnots and night cowboys yellow sigarettes glow in the dark halloweep hallocry hallo ....hallo... anybody there?... anybody?

Herman Tulp on Dutch tv 

Masterclass Matthijs Röling 

On 4 October 2008, the brilliant painter Matthijs Röling gave a workshop in painting from a model in the Statenzaal (stately room) of the Drents Museum in Assen. Eight carefully selected students of the Classical Academy in Groningen went to work under his inspired guidance. The previous day had seen the opening of the special exhibition of the work of his colleague Wout Muller, who died far too young. Matthijs carried out many projects with Wout, including murals and ceiling paintings. Geke Hankel was his model, which is no coincidence, as she was for years Wout Muller’s favourite model. An exciting afternoon, centred round various themes: how do you set up a painting, do you use white or coloured underpainting (the latter, in fact), acrylic or oil paint, how is the painting composed, how do you correctly render the model’s proportions, what does a good palette look like (lavish daubs of oil paint, prepared with a palette knife in advance) etc.

Wout Muller’s gardens of delight. 

“Lust voor het oog’ (‘A delight to behold’) is the title of the exhibition by master painter Wout Muller, at the Drents Museum in Assen. His favourite model, Geke Hankel, can be recognised in many of the exhibited works. The projects on which he worked with that other master painter, Matthijs Röling, are also brought into focus. A magnificent and multifaceted exhibition

Jan Willem Eskes 

Painter Jan Willem Eskes.


The finest Goat cheese from France. In this short film from 2007 you can watch Aryane, Gert-Jan and their children at work at home and at the market. You can buy their cheese at the market of Moissac and Montauban. FERME DE LA SYMBIOSE. Don't forget that name. Bonne appetit!